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Group Classes - $12 Pre-Registered


Partner Class - $15/couple

Package        - $50 for 5 Classes

Individual Intensive Class - $25 per hour


Here is the list of available classes. You can opt to pay before attending, or at the door. The 'Add to the Cart' buttons allow you to use PayPal to make your payment.


The supreme adventure in a man’s life is his journey back to his Creator.  B.K.S. IYENGAR

​​Teaching the basics of breathing, poses and modifications. Blocks, bolsters and chairs may be utilized for those with limited range of motion.

A completely modified beginner class utilizing chairs, blocks and bolsters for those with injury, joint disease or damage. Individually modified gentle poses allow practice for those with significant health issues.

A relaxing class for anyone who can practice on the floor. Most poses are lying and supported with multiple bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps. This practice provides full relaxation of muscles as poses are held for 5 or more minutes.

Yoga poses are linked together to move the body with the breath in a more energetic class. The class ends with various stretching poses and a deeper meditative time.

Mom and Me Yoga - By request  $5 Parent and Child

(each additional child $2) 

Workshops -

As advertised or Donation.

Workplace Yoga - $75 for 1 hour or $75 for 2 thirty minute sessions

Yoga has become a diverse practice throughout the world that is defined as the path to enlightenment or physical exercise and many descriptors in between.  I believe Yoga is a path that when traveled opens doors to healing and wholeness.  Yoga teaches disciplines that renew the body, mind and spirit with breath, movement and meditation on sacred and inspirational writings from various faith traditions.  I believe that everyone can practice yoga and provide classes and modifications to meet each individual’s needs.

I am always available after classes to discuss individual questions over a cup of tea from the Tea Bar  and provide resources for further study.
Selah Yoga Studio is a welcoming and comfortable space conducive to individual attention for each student in classes of 6 or less.  An atmosphere of calm and warmth provide for both energetic flow classes and restful meditation.

​​Health and Wholeness .....

                               One breath  at a time

Call Us - 607 703 0010

Meditation - Free will offering

No one shall be kept from practice for financial difficulty.

Please see Sue for arrangements of Karma Yoga.


Call if you have questions about which class would be right for you.  
Attire is loose or stretchy comfortable clothing in layers.