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The energy in the Yoga Studio is healing. This is a place where it is "ok" to be yourself. Perfection in poses or practice are not required. Both the beginner and gentle classes are guided with our individual body in mind. I urge anyone to come and try a class with Sue - you'll be hooked. It will be a new way of approaching your practice and confirming your belief - that perfect is not required in Yoga. 

What Sue thinks of her students!  I love the diversity and energy of those who come to the studio.  New this month - Student of the Month -  Helen and Rory-  They come to yoga together to practice and Rory is an amazing Therapy Dog Yogi!  Helen is a great student and has a love for service. Rory as a Therapy Dog loves service as well. Check our their picture on the yoga photo gallery.

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I have discovered Yoga and Selah Yoga has been an amazing, first time yoga experience for me.  Sue has been a tru inspiration and guide on my journey to health and happiness and I highly recommend setting aside some time for yourself to enjoy Yoga at Selah Yoga Studio.