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Selah Music Studio

Practice and recording space available.

A warm and inviting space with a retro 70’s vibe is equipped with acoustic piano, electronic keyboard, full digital drum set, and digital recording and mixing board.  A comfortable waiting area is available​

Piano Tuning

A piano needs proper care and tuning for you to get the most of your playing.  They should be kept away from sources of extreme heat or cold such as wood stoves or air conditioners. 

Changes in temperature and humidity may change the pitch of some keys creating that “out of tune” sound.  It is recommended to have your piano tuned twice a year after seasons change but at least once a year. 

I am available for

maintenance piano tuning for $80.


Call to schedule. 


Available to provide live music for any occasion.  Joe  performs  a wide variety of music tailored to your event.  From swing to classic rock his music and personality are sure to entertain your guests.  

Call for availability and pricing.

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