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Several years ago I became aware of the potential dangers of commercial cleaning products.  Our dogs were getting sick and in my research found pets were getting ill with tumors, kidney and lung diseases from the ingredients in floor cleaners.  YIKES...I had been using these for years with my kids crawling on the floor.  So I started making  my own cleaner with white vinegar, water and some eucalyptus oil I bought in the supermarket.  First, my husband could not stand the vinegar smell and the oil was just not enough to overcome it. When I  learned  more about Essential Oils I was introduced to Young Living and Thieves.  The essential oil is AMAZING and the Young Living Thieves All Purpose Cleaner is just that....all purpose.  I use it for everything and my hubby loves the scent! Clean and Happy Home!

Join Young Living Essential Oils 

Join us at our next class.  Come to experience Young Living Essential oils and learn more.  You can then order single products retail or become a wholesale member with a Starter Kit.  There is no monthly minimum ordering and no obligation to sell, just the best oils to use for yourself and your family for a clean and healthy home.  

Using Essential Oils in my home and in the yoga studio has been such a blessing that I want to share them with everyone!  No more scented candles or incense in the studio.  Now students enter to the scents of diffused Lavender, Frankincense, Citrus and others.  This page I hope will inform you and encourage you to use these wonderful gifts of nature.  Each month there will be information on the benefits of individual oils on this page.  Please come to our next class and experience these oils for yourself.   

Essential oils provide wonderful support for a healthy mind, body and spirit!