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We are happy to begin our fifth year at Selah Yoga and Music! When we began teaching music lessons and yoga our goal was to bring the joy and healing to others that we experience through performance and practice.  What we didn't expect was the joy and growth that our student's give to us.  We are grateful to them all as we continue to grow and share with others.   

SELAH . . .
    The rest and space between

Susan Silhan

Susan is a Registered Nurse who has practiced for over 30 years in the areas of critical care, home care and pediatrics.  She began as a yoga student over 12 years ago and began to experience the healing power of yoga.  Her inclusion of her personal faith practice further enhanced her spiritual growth as well and led her to become certified as a yoga instructor in 2008. Since that time she has taught yoga classes and community workshops.  Practicing as an RN Sue has a unique understanding of how the body heals and the importance of spiritual development (in any faith tradition) toward healing of body and mind.  Sue is respectful and aware of each individual’s abilities and limitations and encourages growth at a comfortable pace.  Sue is a Deaconess serving in Healing and Wholeness Ministry and  has  recently been granted internship in Gestalt Pastoral Care.  Read more on their website HERE  

Joseph P Silhan

Joseph is a New York State Certified Music Teacher. He has been teaching instrumental music for over 30 years and has genuine love and talent for music and the joy that it brings to life.   Joe has also enjoyed performing on keyboard, bass and drums with several groups and individually for events and in public venues.  Having spent his early years working in radio broadcasting, Joe is also experienced in digital recording and editing of groups and individuals.  

Welcome to Selah Yoga and Music, a pairing of music and yoga is a natural blend in the movement toward happiness, healing and wholeness. 


 Music speaks to the soul as yoga asana and meditation make room for healing of body, mind and spirit. 


As our culture has moved into the technological age we are wrapped up in rapid fire input allowing little time for reflection as well as for the advancement of the arts in our lives. It is our hope to provide a peaceful place of sound and movement, meditation and personal growth to those who attend the studios' offerings.